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Big Bend, The First Goal

So I have spent some time trying to figure out which direction to start the trip. I know friends and family who live out west so from the DFW area I have concluded that going west along I-20 would be the best possible start. I would be hitting up Odessa and Abilene before hitting my first real goal, Big Bend. I have stayed at the national park a handful of times before (although never on my own) and have always greatly enjoyed my time there.

Thanks !

The scenery in Big Bend is amazing, the wildlife abundant, and the hiking is self-fulfilling. I’ve been eyeing the Chisos Basin as my campground of choice. Since I’ll most likely be spending a night in the car (maybe two) during the drive to west Texas, a good sleep in a tent will be welcome. It will also be a great place to take some beautiful photos.


The Transportation (A Quick Look)

At this point I’ve decided to use my 2002 Taurus as my mode of transportation. It’s going to be a very small space to live, but I believe I can manage. I won’t be taking much besides essentials so the inside will remain roomy and I should be able to sleep on the back seat if I need to.

In December, I will take the car down to San Antonio and have it inspected and do any maintenance. Luckily, I have access to AAA in case I run into car trouble (which is most likely). I have to clear the trunk out and set in some drawers in the back to hold my clothes and other items I will take. The trunk will also be home to camping equipment. There should still be an abundant amount of room.

I have thought a bit about other means of transportation, but currently I am not interested in buying a new vehicle unless I obtain more money (depends on mpg too) and feel confidant in my ability to  maintain the vehicle. We shall see.

An Unplanned Journey

There comes a time in a person’s life when everything changes. This change can be for the better or for the worse. In my case I have had my life upturned twice. The first time was when I realized my fiancee was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. All the plans I had for a career and the way I was going to live became second to our life together. We wanted to explore the world together and raise a family. The second time my life was upturned was when she died in my arms one month before our wedding day. I can’t find it in myself to take life seriously any more. I exist but I don’t live. I’ve decided I don’t want to spend the rest of my life trapped in such a state of mind.

For the last month I have often thought about our plans to see the world together. I don’t have the money to travel out side of the United States, but I do have the means to travel inside it. Next year I will take two months away from my current life and travel my car across the country. I will take Lisa’s ashes with me and document the trip. I need a life changing moment to rescue myself from a life where I don’t live.

I plan on experiencing every state and visiting parks, places of historical significant, festivals, and getting to know new people. By the end of December I will have made plans for the pets and how I will pay for the apartment while I am gone. At this point I am not ready to leave give up the place I spent my last days with Lisa.

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