Into The Wind

Finding a way to live life.

The Transportation (A Quick Look)

At this point I’ve decided to use my 2002 Taurus as my mode of transportation. It’s going to be a very small space to live, but I believe I can manage. I won’t be taking much besides essentials so the inside will remain roomy and I should be able to sleep on the back seat if I need to.

In December, I will take the car down to San Antonio and have it inspected and do any maintenance. Luckily, I have access to AAA in case I run into car trouble (which is most likely). I have to clear the trunk out and set in some drawers in the back to hold my clothes and other items I will take. The trunk will also be home to camping equipment. There should still be an abundant amount of room.

I have thought a bit about other means of transportation, but currently I am not interested in buying a new vehicle unless I obtain more money (depends on mpg too) and feel confidant in my ability to  maintain the vehicle. We shall see.


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