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Big Bend, The First Goal

So I have spent some time trying to figure out which direction to start the trip. I know friends and family who live out west so from the DFW area I have concluded that going west along I-20 would be the best possible start. I would be hitting up Odessa and Abilene before hitting my first real goal, Big Bend. I have stayed at the national park a handful of times before (although never on my own) and have always greatly enjoyed my time there.

Thanks !

The scenery in Big Bend is amazing, the wildlife abundant, and the hiking is self-fulfilling. I’ve been eyeing the Chisos Basin as my campground of choice. Since I’ll most likely be spending a night in the car (maybe two) during the drive to west Texas, a good sleep in a tent will be welcome. It will also be a great place to take some beautiful photos.


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