Into The Wind

Finding a way to live life.

Eastern Promises

Earlier this year I came into contact with a few people in the film business who lived near Pittsburgh, PA. I had planned to take a week in November after the wedding and fly up to discuss opportunities available in the area. Not wanting to leave Lisa right after our mini-moon we decided to spend the money and buy her a ticket too. She had never been and was excited to see a part of the United States she hadn’t seen. After October passed and the wedding day came and went in November, I decided to fly to Pittsburgh in December. I packed a suitcase, the laptop, and Lisa’s ashes, which are locked in a blue jewelry box. I arrived in Pittsburgh later that evening after almost missing my plane in Dallas. They ran my backpack and Lisa’s box through security twice and even got out a residue kit. As soon as I was done with security they called my name on the intercom and told me I had 2 minutes left before they closed the boarding doors. Luckily it was gate 4 and a quick hustle got me on in time. My father met me at the airport in Pennsylvania.

Today I woke up in Pennsylvania for the first time in 21 years. As a child I lived in the Allentown area for four years and tomorrow I visit some of my childhood memories. Today I was able to visit some local eateries and the University of Pittsburgh campus. I went to a hotdog joint, a pub, and Heinz Memorial Chapel. The hotdogs were decent, the beer was likable, and the chapel was gorgeous. Being non-religious, I was quite surprised and delighted to see some uncommon stained glass residents including Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Emily Dickinson.

It’s nice here. Even in winter when the leaves fallen and the sky is grey, it is still a beautiful place. I wish Lisa was here to see it, but she can’t. Like every night, I turn off the lights, hold her box of ashes close to my heart, and fall asleep.


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